Monday, 26 June 2017

Diwali date 2017, When is Diwali date this year?

When is Diwali date in 2017 : October 19th, 2017.

       Every annum Diwali falls on different days and dates of the year. Diwali date in 2017 depends on the position of the moon during the time.

    Diwali comes in 'Karthika Masa' or the auspicious month of the Hindu calendar called Karthika month. The 15th Day of this month, is the festival day of diwali.

          When is Diwali date 2017? might be one question that is in your mind right now. 
            In 2017, Date of Diwali falls on the 19th of October, 2017.

Deepavali festival for the year 2017 falls in the auspicious month karthika Masa according to the Hindu calender. Deepavali date is in october.

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